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Seven ways in which the left is now the right

Fairness in grades and admissions

A response to Curtis Yarvin on the pandemic

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Lockdown wasn't worth it

Did women in academia cause wokeness?

Reading, TV watching and politics in Britain

The masculinity gap

The left-liberal skew of Western media

How to fix low back pain

The deranged campaign against Kathleen Stock

A response to the House of Commons' pro-lockdown report

What moderates get wrong in the trans debate

Should the right use cancel culture against the left?

Abortion and eugenics

Scholars are ten times more likely to be targeted for right-wing speech

Why have there been so few COVID deaths in Japan?

A widely shared study on ivermectin might be wrong

Why the left doesn't like the lab leak theory

Observations on Afghanistan

Indicators of the Great Awokening

Misinformation in the age of COVID

Is global poverty about to start rising?

Wokeness as a bootlegger-baptist coalition

Are the England players consistent anti-racists?

A response to Coleman Hughes on race and IQ

Behaviour Genetics Must Fall

Did Darwin believe that psychological sex differences could be erased?

Why do woke activists complain about trivial things?

Fans have every right to boo players taking the knee

Should we take down all the statues?

What shall become of Charles Darwin?

A review of 'How to Argue With a Racist' by Adam Rutherford

Neither cardinal nor ordinal preferences can explain wokeness in Britain

The deranged reaction to the CRED report

"Problematic" words speak louder than actions

Why does the left care more about politics in America?

Research on IQ and obesity is "problematic"

Is Substack the OnlyFans of journalism?

What would a focussed protection strategy have looked like?

The case against the UK's lockdowns

The open letter against Gregory Clark

COVID-19 deaths per capita understates mortality outside Europe

What happened in South Dakota?

COVID-19's impact on mortality has been small relative to pre-existing differences within Europe

More on the second wave in England

The second wave of COVID-19 in England

Excess mortality since the pandemic began

Sex and the UK census

Lockdowns and GDP growth in the EU

Raising the minimum wage is not a good way to help the poor

Excess deaths and confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Europe

How many excess deaths were there in the UK last year?

Milton Friedman on free enterprise

Is there a trade-off between health and the economy?

COVID-19 death rate and the size of the elderly population

Different ways of counting COVID-19 deaths in England and Wales

Dorsey the disingenuous

Should Twitter have been able to ban Trump?

Is Trump's Twitter account too big to fail?

Can experts gauge pandemic preparedness?

Which rich countries managed to contain the virus?

Why 'woke' is a useful word