I suspect we're more engaged than as a proxy? Its 2022, a few guys with joysticks and laptops can sit in a nearby country able to do battle by drone, no "troops on the ground" required. Respect to Ukraine, but their apparent high-tech success seems surprising given their lack of experience.

Though even if we're more hands-on than we say, it can still be a proxy for us - perhaps a proxy for a "buy usa" marketing campaign.

I suspect there are a lot of people who, like me, feel conflicted about the war. We have to apply repercussions when a somewhat-enemy attacks a somewhat-friend. But all the sudden talk about nuclear feels like an attempt to normalize (particularly given how the MSM is leading the charge, and we know who's pulling their strings!).

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Oct 26, 2022Liked by Noah Carl

When groups fight with groups, the issues are so many and so tangled and so likely to proliferate that analysis can never be conclusive.

Strong leaders can sometimes change the course of events, but not, I suspect, when they serve only so long as they are popular. A Western leader trying to work toward a truce in Ukraine would likely be hounded out of office.

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I read that one of the progressive liberal caucuses had withdrawn a letter requesting compromise yesterday - seems like supporting war in Ukraine is a hard rule across the board. I wonder if this crisis has been a long time in the planning (for us)?

As of now the only people I see talking peace deals are the UN, Turkey’s Erdogan, Saudi’s Prince MBS, and Oligarch Roman Abramovich … nobody in the US. Though a good number of republicans would vote to cut spending on Ukraine if they win control.

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Yup. America arranged for the Russians to invade the Ukraine and those dummies fell right into our trap.

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