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What has always struck me as an intellectual challenge to the blank slaters is if they are willing to acknowledge that some blacks are low IQ and/or prone to criminality due to nature, how do they tell them apart from those who are low IQ and/or prone to criminality due to slavery, racism, etc.?

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Absolutely right.

But--as you know as well as anyone--trying to talk sense to people (progressives, mainly) about such stuff is like talking to a brick wall. A shrieky, spittle-flecked brick wall. That will try to ruin your life for saying such things. And put you in jail in the UK...

They mostly aren't aware of / refuse to believe that there even *are* racial IQ differences. So there's no reason for them to even consider the question of nature or nurture.

I tried this individual/group argument with respect to the group differences some years ago. I mean, Scott Alexander is a lot smarter than I am. Should that bother me? Is there something wrong with acknowledging that fact? I'd probably rather people not say "He's a lot stupider than Alexander," though.

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