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An interesting parallel, do fans have the right to yell a slur?

>Now that’s a plan. The actual (new) rule is to stop play if the chants become too extreme:

>>Nearly two years ago, FIFA approved a disciplinary code that allows referees to end matches if fans use chants or display behavior deemed to be homophobic or racist. However, because of COVID-19, Mexico’s national team has played few games in front of fans since the rules were adopted.

>>But when the team returns to the field May 29 to face Iceland in Arlington, Texas, Yon de Luisa, the Mexican federation’s president, said the new code will be strictly enforced.

from marginal revolution: https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2021/06/solve-for-the-football-culture-equilibrium-that-is-mexican.html


>If it is the third, then I would object on the grounds that practically everyone is against racism (properly defined), and there is no need for us to be constantly reminded.

My problem is I'm not sure this term can be properly defined. Its use seems misleading by its very nature. It is used as a tool for shame rather than a tool for describing.

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