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Fascinating stuff!

As you know, I have been looking at the Briain's Choice (More in Common) report as a clue to these "types". Progressive Activists are the wealthiest 13% in the UK (8% in the US), yet they preach about others who they deign to be "privileged" or "deserving".

Re your "wealthy liberal" discovery - I found some more BC (MIC) spreadsheets the other day. Regarding wealth - very high on their reading lists (The Guardian, obviously, comes top) is the FT!

Gentlemen - allow me to introduce you to ..... The Lefty Yuppy!

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A lot of students at academically average schools are also violently intolerant of conservatives, and their reactions can be more vulgar than at elite schools. There was a youtuber named Kaitlynn Bennet that used to visit state university campuses like Ohio University to do street interviews. Once ppl found out who she was, dozens of students started mobbing around her and screaming, threw toilet paper and water bottles at her, eventually her private security guard had to literally carry her to safety. The hatefulness of the students was really palpable & sickening. The video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h72lk5tsaWI There was also a lot of really nasty indirect aggression against her, like they made a Twitter hoax saying she pooped her pants at a college party.

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