Mar 1, 2022 • 56M

Should we blame the West for the Ukraine crisis?

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Noah Carl
Conversations about culture, science and other topics that interest me.
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For my first podcast, I discuss the Ukraine crisis with Richard Hanania. (He is a writer, researcher and President of the Centre for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology. You can find him on both Twitter and Substack.) Our discussion centres on the question, ‘Should we blame the West for the Ukraine crisis?’ Richard takes the position that we should blame the West, at least in part. Although my true position is close to Richard’s, I try to play devil’s advocate – challenging his points and presenting alternative arguments. This is in line with my view that debates are generally more informative than interviews.

Image: Dima Sergiyenko, Architectural details on the House with Chimaeras, 2007

The Daily Sceptic

I’ve written five more posts since last time. The first argues that mainstream media “misinformation” has caused far more harm than Joe Rogan. The second notes that researchers are reluctant to study vaccine side effects for fear of causing vaccine hesitancy. The third argues that the Netherlands’ Omicron lockdown was a complete failure. The fourth highlights the overwhelming importance of geography in explaining Covid mortality. The fifth notes that January’s age-standardised mortality rate in England was the second lowest on record.

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